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How To Use Your Google Android 4.0 TV Box

Let’s face it, we’re not all tech-savvy and know exactly how to set up our latest purchase. The Google Android 4.0 TV Box is relatively easy to set up provided you follow the following instructions.

We have made it easy for you to use and take advantage of the Google Android 4.0 TV Box. Below you will find exactly how:


Know What’s Inside The Box

How many times have you become confused about what’s inside the box when you open it? Getting familiar with what’s inside the box can help you countless hours setting a new device up like the all-new Google Android TV Box.

Familiarize yourself with the following contents:

Connect The HDMI Cable To Your TV

This is a fundamental point of the instructions. Without connecting the HDMI cable to your TV you will lack HD output – not very good really is it?!

Connect The Power Adapter

Common sense really, without power, your device wont switch on! Once you have the connected HDMI cable in place, you will need to add power by connecting the power adapter to the mains. Any power disconnection will mean that your device will inevitably reset.

Turn The Television On & Turn To HDMI Setting

Turn your Television on and set to HDMI setting rather than AV. Many people make the assumption that it will work on AV setting but the key is to change to HDMI otherwise it will consequently not work.

Connect To WiFi Or LAN

That’s right, the Google Android TV Box can connect to both WiFi and LAN. This is a fundamental part of using the TV Box as without the internet, you will be unable to explore the true features this device holds.

Connect The TV Box To The Remote

It’s vitally important that you connect the TV Box to the remote. Without the remote working, you will be unable to use this device. Nevertheless, in order to pair the device, you will need to add batteries to the remote and also take a pin and press the button. Once you have connected both devices, you can enjoy the power of Android.

Change Language? Change Resolution? Etc

It’s always advisable to use the options part of the device to suit your needs. In the option bar you are able to change the language settings as well as the resolution and other important settings.

Enjoy Your New TV Box

Great news- you have a working Android TV Smart Box set up and ready to go! Now you can enjoy the many features this device offers :-

Surf The Net

Go On Skype

Connect Using Facebook and Twitter

Listen To Music

Watch Online TV

We sincerely hope we have made it easy for you to set up your brand new Google Android 4.0 Smart Box.

Contact Us Today

We welcome any questions that you may have regarding the Google Android 4.0 Smart Box or any other products we sell. If in the event that you do have any questions, please get in contact with us by phone, email or you can catch us any time on Skype.

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